Our Misson

Golden Rock Shop was created to anchor the loving energy of our Planet Earth into this wonderful, ever-evolving western town of Golden, Colorado.  We are here to expand the consciousness of the planet, one step at a time, by engaging with all people and helping them feel an Earth connection again.  Whether you love crystals and rocks as a geologist, a collector or a metaphysician, we are calling you in now to experience the space we have lovingly prepared for you.  

Our Message

Mother Earth, represented in part by our crystals, herbs and healing tools, is aylways here for us.  She gives and gives to us, unconditionally supporting us, never holding back her love.  She sends out her crystals into the world as an attempt to reconnect us back to her, to rekindle that Earthly connection lost by our forefathers and vastly uncliamed in our present existence.  While you browse our site, or visit our store, please take the time to slow down and tune back into Mother Earth.  She will awaken you to a place of joy and peace that is indescribable.  The crystals invite you to marvel at their beauty, engage with their healing energy and enjoy the serenity that their presence brings to our space. We are humbled by and grateful for your visit, and wish you an amazing journey!

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