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VIP Small Group Experience with Heather Hunter

October 7, 2018   5:30pm-7:30pm

Immerse yourself in a 2 hour experience of learning, laughter, and healing with passed loved ones and Psychic Medium Heather Hunter–an authentic phone line to the spirit world. Only 10 participants are permitted for an intimate and profound experience with Spirit!  Listen to the spirits share their ongoing awareness of the events of your life as they come through with unique, verifiable evidential characteristics of their identities. The energy builds as the session progresses so that Heather achieves a  true blending of energies with your spirit people.  A former family therapist, Heather will feel the nuances of who they were here in the physical, and may share the particular details of their relationship with you and other family members. The spirits may mention their new perspectives and insight regarding the events of their lives. They often mention their own names and/or the names of those on the other side with them, and living family members.  This is also an excellent opportunity to utilize Heather’s profound psychic abilities and ask for guidance, insight, and support for your life and others you care about. Heather works with professionalism, warmth, candor, and respect for your privacy, while also helping you get the healing and closure you have longed for. This is a safe, intimate environment for learning and healing with only 9 other people. By “spiritual design”, messages  and topics/insights for other group members are often simultaneously very healing/helpful for the entire group.  For ages 18 and older.

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Please note: As this is spirit work, there are no guarantees as to who or what will come through. All participants have the opportunity to interact with Heather and ask questions.

Investment:  $150.00

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Working with Angels with Dr. Chriss Lemmon

October 3, 2018. 7pm-9pm

"Can you imagine angels as a concept to perhaps define a phenomenon rather than be a phenomenon? Dr. Chriss Lemmon has education in both psychology and religious studies; he has been facilitating seminars and trainings in human growth development for fifty years. You are invited to a fun short talk to entertain the idea that ancient tales intuitively addressed a simpler version in early human times of the chaos in change societies today are experiencing around the globe. This is not an "angel workshop" but an exploration following ancient stories as they evolve into the complex levels of human development today and vision forward. We will play with some techniques to balance your levels of empathy, explore ideas for internal mapping and define value/meaning markers to direct us safely through the present murk."

Investment:  $15

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