Getting To Know My New Vibration

It was only a few months ago that I officially "woke up" and started to feel...well, everything. I have been working around crystals for years, as a wholesaler and retailer, but never felt particularly drawn to them for personal use. Eventually this all changed and now I not only use them, but teach others how to use them on a daily basis both in my retail stores and in my healing practice.

I remember talking to a customer in my retail store, The Crystal Garden in downtown Evergreen, Colorado, discussing some very comprehensive chakra print-outs that she was using to select stones. I suddenly could feel the vibration coming off of each page. They felt so good to me. The colors reached inside of my heart and solar plexus chakras and awakened something I hadn't experienced before by merely looking at something. So, I started experimenting. Is it just color?

No, it was sound too! I started researching why the singing bowls I had in stock felt so good as I played them. It turns out there are healing frequencies attuned to each chakra and as I got to know them it was like life just got sweeter for me. My mood was altered, I felt much more relaxed and calm. Nothing really bothered me. Binaural beats, 428hz (the vibration of oneness), solfeggio frequencies, singing bowls, "Om" chanting, even Gregorian chanting - it all has a place in our vibration. It was created intuitively to bring us closer to the Divine, to heal and align our bodies and remind us that we are part of a great and infinite Universe.

My vibration had become lifted, I no longer found it useful to spend my time doing mundane things and turned into an avid learner about vibration, healing with energy, sound therapy and aromatherapy. I immediately enrolled in an intensive online and three-day in person Reiki class with a well-know author, intuitive and energy healer, Ataana Badilli. Wow, I truly came to life. I learned so much about how we are all vibrational beings and we only need to listen to and pay attention to our bodies to heal ourselves and grow.

Now I practice energy healing at The Crystal Garden and work with my clients to help them achieve life-changing results. I incorporate sound, aroma and crystals into my sessions. I cannot believe how blessed I am to have found this ministry for my life. My calling is to heal people, teach people and grow people.

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