Connecting with Past Lives

I never really believed in past lives due to my faith background. I was taught that we all passed on and our souls got to rest, in other words, we only get one chance at life. It wasn't until I started doing energy work that I became a true believer in Karma and past lives. I remember clearly the first time I ever connected with a past life of mine. I had a piece of lapis on my third eye and I challenged myself to visualize bits of my past lives' histories. I saw the faces of children, I saw multiple young babies and toddler, and it was as though I was seeing what was important to me during another lifetime. I saw a noble couple dressed in regal clothing. My teacher told me I must have been a caretaker of children for a noble class in another lifetime. Wow, I thought. This is serious stuff.

In another session I clearly saw a pyramid and a young man dressed in Egyptian clothing. Really, I can see my lives that far back? The answer for me was, yes! So it began. I started asking my past lives questions and trying to get to know them. So fascinating. I would say, "My past lives, tell me about yourselves" and I would start to receive a strong emotion of sadness or grief. I would get to know how they passed on. I even had the guts to let a certain past life channel through me and speak about his life. The grief of this life having ended unfortunately was overwhelming. At that time, I asked the past life to transition on into the Greater Central Sun for its own healing. Sometimes our past lives don't want to move on, they are afraid to leave us or to face judgement. But there is no judgement for them in the Light, only transformation and their own healing.

Now, as I work with clients regarding past lives, it never ceases to amaze me who appears and how their energy of sadness or guilt or toxicity can carry on into this present life. I have encountered and healed broken lineage-tied energies of depression, substance abuse and darkness. What an amazing release.

If you're struggling with energy of sadness, anger, or depression, it may be a karmic pattern from your past. Work with an energy healer or contact me directly to help you reclaim your energy and live your best life yet.

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