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Our amazing staff has been intuitively guided to us in order to serve you. They have open hearts and are ready to help you understand why you were drawn to our store.  

Ellisha pic.JPG

Ellisha - Manager (Libra ☀️, Taurus ☽, and Scorpio ↑)

Hi! I'm Ellisha. I have moved back to CO after being blessed to live in two other nature-filled states, AZ and WA. My Libra Sun sign loves all things beauty... and crystals have been part of that equation ever since I was little. I am intrigued by metaphysics and spirituality and although my whole life I have been "sensitive," I started my spiritual journey around 2014. I have dedicated much of my life to helping others discover their inner and outer beauty and am motivated by making a positive impact on others lives. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to continue this path in my role as Store Manager for The Crystal Garden and Golden Rock Shop! I am a student of life, excited to continue to learn and grow, while helping others along the way! Music is one of my other major passions; so when I'm not working you can find me at a concert, on the dance floor, or singing with my dog. <3

Abigail - Assistant Store Manager 

Capricorn ☉, Leo ↑, Virgo ☾

Hi, I’m Abigail! I moved back to Colorado from the beautiful state of Florida in August of 2022. I’ve always been a spiritual person that felt a deep connection to animals & nature, which led to crystals at a young age. This guided me to metaphysics, Tarot, Holistic healing, and eventually sound healing. I’m especially interested in vibrational sound healing, which is the usage of different frequencies to improve physical health & emotional well-being. My favorite part of my work here is when I get the opportunity to conduct a Chakra clearing with our Angel Ohm tuning fork on our guests for free. I take time to appreciate nature every day, and am always trying new grounding practices or breathwork techniques!


Macaylah:Keyholder/Shift Lead

Macaylah is a Colorado born nerd! She loves comics, movies and media and has recently started her journey into the metaphysical! She is a Leo Sun, Scorpio rising, and a Scorpio moon and has an eclectic form of metaphysical interests!!!

Dionne - Sales Associate

Dionne is a time of night. They create bone art and jewelry when they aren't on stage, taking photos, or typing up poems. They love to talk rocks and share their knowledge and experience with fellow crystal lovers and anyone on the path. Their favorite stone is Smoky Quartz and they are always accepting offerings! 
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